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To help us all react as a team in a unified way and so that everyone in and around our Clan will easily be able to understand what is expected from them by the Clan and what to expect from others in and around our Clan, we have created a very effective set of general guidelines for all of us to follow. Here are the Rules of the [PEACE] Pinoy.Expert.And.Certified.Executors Clan (Official)

- Definitely no Alternicks(except PIXEL BOYS)
You must not belong to any other clan(s)
- One clan policy, you can't serve both at the same time.
You must be playing in your own PC/Home Player(Tentative)
- to lessen any issues and to prevent comsats and other violations, which always occur if you're a "SHOP PLAYER", as much as possible, we want you guys to have your own pc. In our clan, we always discuss something and it's a private thing between clan members.
You must be on Facebook
- In order for us to know your background and to see what's behind that mask (It is also an introduction to other members) we need to consult each one of the members if you guys are worthy joining our team.
You must be FRIENDLY
- we don't mind being a newbie or not being a great player or having the most kills. Be funny, be fun, be sensible, be romantic, be sweet, be cute and be careful. Just be a friendly person. Treat other players as you want to be treated
- includes hackers, former hacker, morons who just flame who is a hacker or not and flooder.

These guidelines are by no means made to make members feel that they have to play with only [PEACE] member or have to play a certain number of times a week. Since we all have other responsibilities other then playing Counter-Strike:Source, we only ask members to follow the basic rules that we ourselves follow.

No Cheating of any sort.
-This includes all hacks, (Ghosting), Skywalking, Wall hacking/Aimbot, Exploits, Illegal Scripts, etc. We are a zero tolerance clan. If you're caught cheating there is no appeal process you are banned for life.
- You should post a message every few weeks (at least) on our forum in www.pldtplay.com and www.cssclan-peace.forumotion.com just to let us know you are still around and active in our Clan. Obviously you need to be active. Also always log in in MIRC before you play.
One Clan Policy
- You cannot join any other clan except [PEACE] clan.
★ Follow the Rules of the Admins & Moderators at all times. (PLDTPlay Rules)
- Be matured enough.

How To Apply In Our Clan [PEACE]
- Be sure that you read above post.
- Find some PEACE member that will recommend you.
- That member will recommend you into our RECRUITEMENT THREAD in our private furom.
- Then we will vote from there (privately)
- Gather 5 votes from PEACE members.
- If you got 5 votes already, the elder will talk to you for some briefings.
- If you got this all, then you're in!
- But if you can get two negative (-2), you are out!
- Just ALWAYS play with PEACE members para makilala ka nila at ma recommend nila kayo.


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